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Slattery's Midtown Pub
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Book Your Party At Slattery's!

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Slattery's Midtown caters to an after work and neighborhood crowd. 25 HD TV's throughout as well as comfortable high and low tables make us an ideal place for happy hour, a quick bite or sit down meal.

Don't want to miss the big sports event? No problem, our televisions around the restaurant and bar area are always featuring the latest games.

Slattery's is home to Dolfans NYC The Official New York City Fan Club of the Miami Dolphins so you can watch all the Miami Dolphins games at Slattery's. We also show every New York Rangers game and offer pre and post game events for every Rangers game at MSG.

If you're not a big sports fan, no worries, everyone will feel welcome at Slattery's Midtown, so sit back, relax and enjoy comfort food or conversation with those around you.

Our menu has pub favorites such as burgers, wraps, sandwiches, wings, salads and traditional entrees such as pot pies, shepherds pie and fish and chips. On weekends, a full Irish breakfast is served.

Open for lunch, dinner and a late-night menu.

Upstairs room available for PRIVATE PARTIES.

Please check out our photo gallery by clicking on the link in the main menu.

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